Builders & Developers

“Building Centers of Excellence”

When families are evaluation where to live they often look for a good school district and an excellent child care center.  As developers look to provide additional services to their developments, Kidz, Ink is there to add that extra value.

Transforming Demand Into Satisfaction

Like you, Kidz, Ink Academy of Early Academics looks for the best locations within a marketplace from exclusive residential areas to select business developments

Kidz, Ink designs can accommodate and be adapted to most land parcels and development projects.  Our free standing designs can be coordinated with an existing and or planned environment.

Site Criteria

The ideal Kidz, Ink site would include the following characteristics:

  • Size: 1-2.5 acres; Building 8,000-9,900 sq. ft
  • Playground Area: Minimum 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Exterior Setting: Two age-appropriate playgrounds
  • Frontage: A minimum of 200’ frontage preferred
  • Zoning: Must permit childcare
  • Parking: Minimum 30 car paved parking area
  • Access: Full-turn around into and out of property
  • Lease Term: 10 year Lease term with 2 five-year options

The following site conditions are considered desirable:

  • Residential, community, neighborhood business areas, office/corporate campuses, and retail pad sites.
  • Locations near an open, planned, or under construction elementary school.
  • Locations near single-family home construction and existing homes with high resale value.

The following site conditions are not considered desirable:

  • Sites near high-tension power lines or electrical sub-stations,
    ground leases or near gas stations.