STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

What is an Early Learning STEM Program? It’s a program geared to explore Science, Engineering & Mathematical concepts through books, games and hands on related activities. 

We know STEM is essential in our world today!

Everything is driven by the components of STEM and we need to develop learners that are willing to ask questions, develop creative solutions, formulate a plan, do research and apply it to real world problems.

Our program is geared to inspire kids to learn how the world works.  There are no boring worksheets.  Nope not here.  Kidz Ink has researched several STEM Curriculums and we have taken the best activities and developed an engaging program for our three and four year old children. 

From building bridges to building robots.

From using tablets to developing circuit boards.

Our STEM program not only exposes children to great learning experiences, but is helps them to develop an innovative mindset that will carry them into adulthood to be innovative problem solvers.

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