Reading Out Loud: Why Start When They’re Young

Reading out loud to your child helps them soak up social, emotional and cognitive skills better than anything else does. It sets them up for success in life – both academically and behaviorally.

Here are some key benefits to reading out loud to your child:

Language Skills Development:

The more words children hear, the more developed their language skills will be. Listening to the words you say creates new synapses, leading to further development of cognitive functioning. This development and growth early on has shown to set children up for success later in life. It enhances their early reading skills: phonemic awareness, visual and auditory processes, comprehension, and fluency.

Creates a Bond:

Reading with your child creates an opportunity for physical and emotional closeness. That time together provides a sense of security and calm for your child. Devoting your time and attention to them sends a message of love, and shows them your commitment.

Helps Children Navigate Social Situations:

Hearing how the characters in their favorite books overcome obstacles teaches children how to face challenges in their own lives, and it doesn’t even need to be current situations. The lessons they hear now will help with obstacles that come up later in life, too.

And With Problem Solving:

Hearing the characters work through emotions in the stories teaches children vocabulary that aids in social-emotional communication skills by providing words to describe their feelings. This allows young children to handle their own complex feelings, which can in turn help them to better be in control of their behavior.

Need some suggestions for great books to read to your child? This link (not an affiliate) is full of amazing books to help your child boost their vocabulary and their social emotional skills:

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