“Last year I switched jobs, which meant my hours changed. Unfortunately, that led me to change daycares. Before Kidz Ink, my son Brandon had been in a home daycare since he was 3 months old. I was nervous and scared about how he would adapt to the center and the other children. Much to my surprise he has opened up and developed more of a personality and I couldn’t be happier. When it was time to put D’Keir in daycare, it was an easy decision. I love how I can drop them off and have a peace of mind until I return to pick them up.

I picked up Brandon a couple of weeks ago and there was a note taped to his cubby from his teacher. The kids were outside and came in for a drink of water, Brandon was in the front of the line. He stepped out of the line and got in the back of the line. When Mrs. Jill asked him why he got in the back of the line he stated “because ladies go first and I’m a boy!”. She expressed how good of a job I was doing raising a gentleman. I think the mannerisms and lessons he learns at the center play a part in that as well.

Thank you Kidz Ink and keep up the good work!”

Murray family – Kidz Ink V