Summer & Holiday Camp

Summer & Holiday Camp

Summer & Holiday Camp

Summer & Holiday Camp

Discovery Zone Summer Program

Children will personalize their learning throughout each week of Discovery Zone. To launch each theme, educators will pose strategic questions of inquiry, carving out a more narrowed, topic of exploration geared specifically to the children’s interests. A simple question to start this collaborative process could be “I wonder what I will learn?”.

As educators and children travel down this path of collaboration, intentional questions of inquiry will be offered each step of the way, including: “I wonder how I become an inventor?”,” I wonder how I can save the planet?”, “I wonder what the future will look like?”. Based on both the responses of the children, and observations made by educators, new materials will be provided, and activities will be developed to deepen the topic of exploration.

Educators will have a resource set of activities separated by theme to draw from based on the interests, skills, and guided direction of the children. Themes will run for two weeks each to allow for optimal time for inquiry, collaboration, reflection, and celebration of discovery.


    Theme 1: Meaning & Mindfulness: June 19 – June 30, 2023

    This theme focuses on deepening connections with our inner selves and those around us. Activities aim to build self-awareness, confidence, and a sense of community within our programs.  Children will explore the definition of meaning through team-building events that create a sense of spirit and unity within each of our programs.  Mindfulness will be fostered through unique activities designed to build appreciation for our communities, our environment, and our personal well-being. Even our youngest age groups will explore ‘Meaning and Mindfulness’ through activities that nurture connections with their peers and perseverance with new challenges!

    Theme 4: Environmental Stewardship:
    July 31 – August 11, 2023

    This theme will be about challenging our children to take ownership and responsibility for caring for the Earth. This week children will get the opportunity to understand their carbon footprint, and what they can do to preserve natural resources for future generations. From recycling to gardening, children will be actively engaged in activities that showcase their stewardship for the environment.  Our youngest learners will become Environmental Stewards with age-appropriate educational experiences that promote an understanding of their responsibility to care for the world and its resources.

    Theme 2: Discovery & Innovation:
    July 3 – July 14, 2023

    In this fast-moving and dynamic era, we want to give children the tools to lead them down the path of Discovery and Innovation. This theme encourages children to forge new concepts as they get hands-on with a variety of materials, creating hypotheses and testing their ideas through experimentation. Children will have fun exploring science, STEM, innovation, and creativity!  Our youngest learners will explore ’Discovery and Innovation’ with activities designed to foster curiosity, creativity, attention, and communication!

    Theme 5: Earth Explorations: Past, Present and Future!: August 14 – August 25, 2023

    Children will have the opportunity to explore Earth like never before! We will investigate everything from archaeology, geography, environments from the past, present, and future, and perhaps even space! Children will adventure through these exciting domains, learning lasting, real-life skills as they explore Earth and its elements up close! We aim to guide children to appreciate the natural beauty, diversity and history of Earth and promote an ongoing sense of wonder. Our youngest learners will explore natural elements pertaining to their scope of experience, forging a strong connection with Earth!

    Theme 3: Design! Create! Construct!:
    July 17 – July 28, 2023

    Prepare to get creative and have fun! Throughout this theme, children will work with a mixture of engaging mediums as they embark on creative processes featuring painting, sculpting, building, design, music, and theatre. The focus of this theme will be on self-expression and self-direction. Children will have the opportunity to use different mediums as they engage in projects intrinsically powered by their own interests, skills, and styling. This week will be all about expressing individuality, building self-esteem, and encouraging creativity! Even our youngest learners will actively design, create, and construct with age-appropriate mediums focused on the process of engagement