Now Hiring - Toddler Teachers

Now Hiring - Toddler Teachers

Now Hiring - Toddler Teachers

Now Hiring - Toddler Teachers

One Year Old and Two Year Old Teachers


$500 Sign-On Bonus!!!


If the following statements resonate with you, come see us immediately….

1. You MUST love to give hugs, wipe noses, hold a crying toddler, get a dental inspection by a two year old, have a pretend conversation “on the phone” into a block, and most of all eat pretend food like a champ!

2. You have a strong stomach and able to handle smells. The ability to identify immediately who the smell is coming from is a MAJOR BONUS and will save lots of time and energy in the long run.

3. You must not take yourself too seriously. If you can engage 8 two year olds at the same time, you will look ridiculous, but is will all be worth it because they stopped what they were doing to watch you….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

4. You must be able to see and count a sea of moving heads instantaneously and locate anyone playing hide and seek by themselves (or with an imaginary friend).

5. You must be able to handle a meltdown and interpret crying, pointing, and lots of emotions to figure out what happened, all while making sure the rest of the class is ok. Multi-tasking is a LIFESAVER!

You must be prepared to laugh, love, and learn more about children than you ever have. This is by far one of the most joyous places to work, but you must be prepared to accept the challenges and benefits this job has to offer.

Kidz Ink will provide you with:
• 14 Paid Holidays Off
• 3 Paid In-Service Days (During the week)
• Paid Vacation
• Paid Sick Time
• Free Tele-Health
• Medical Insurance
• Retirement Plan with a match
• 50% Discount for Childcare
• Referral Program
• Paid Trainings
• Direct Deposit
• Paid Planning Time


A high school diploma or GED. TECE 1 or TECE 1 and 2 would be awesome. College credits in Early Childhood Education or Associates Degree in ECE would be doubly awesome. 1-2 years of experience would be icing on the cake.

We do provide a curriculum, however we allow you the creative freedom to add activities you deem necessary (we want you to be the leader in your classroom)! All the materials you need, we have or will get for you…we want to see you succeed!
Are you ready? Apply today by email or in person at any one of our locations.