Parents are Welcome!

“We love that Kidz Ink has events that parents are welcomed to attend.

Our girls enjoy making the tasty treat of the week.

The teachers make learning fun and our girls are always learning something new.”

-anonymous family, Kidz Ink I

At Kidz, Ink we host many opportunities for parents and families to get involved. From Holiday parties to Pre-K graduations, from Family Night to randomly stopping in, we always encourage our families and parents to be involved in any way possible!

Caring Teachers

“We have loved the teachers at Kidz Ink. My son started daycare part-time at 2-years-old. He was used to being cared for by his grandmother and uncle so he was a little nervous about leaving them. The first day of school he fell in love with Miss Amber. She was very nurturing and kind to him and he immediately warmed up. Ms. Amber kept us informed about his progress, and really made us feel like she cared about our son. Caleb is now full time at Kidz Ink in the preschool class and again he has wonderful teachers. Ms. Jesse and Ms. Cheryl are teaching him so much and do a great job of engaging the students through stories, activities, projects, and songs. My family has enjoyed our experience with the team at Kidz Ink.”

-Johnson family, Kidz Ink I

Family Night

“We really enjoyed the family nights where we have a nice sit down meal with our kids’ childcare specialists and go over their development. The kids loved the stuffed shells and I just enjoyed family time in such a positive environment.”

-Cooper Family, Kidz Ink V

Each year Kidz, Ink hosts a Back to School/Family night at each center. The night includes a meal and a presentation from each lead teacher of the different items in the curriculum they will be covering during the school year. It provides a great opportunity for families to meet their child(ren)’s teacher(s) and learn what to expect from a learning academy.

Coming out of His Shell

“Our 3-year-old son Joshua has been the happiest at Kidz Ink. He is really beginning to come out of his shell with how he interacts with his teachers and friends. Joshua enjoys the arts and crafts, and takes pride in bringing home his work to show his family. We were struggling with getting him to take an interest in potty training, however, after speaking with Ms. Sega and MS. Ajahnay, they co-partnered with us and really has been working with Joshua. Their encouragement, consistency, and incentives have really really advanced our son with his progress. Whenever Joshua uses the potty at home, we sing “Go Joshua, it’s your birthday”, and he exictedly says that that’s what Ms. Sega sing to him too! It warms our heart every time.”

-the Loves family, Kidz Ink I

Sign Language

“Aubree’s face lights up every day that she walks into her classroom. Our experience with Kidz Ink has been so positive. Every teacher is a pleasure to speak with and it is so evident that they truly care about the children. Not only does Aubree enjoy playing with her friends, she is learning so much as well; we were so surprised when our one-year-old began using sign language at home! We are very happy to be a part of the Kidz Ink family.”

-Goldsberry family, Kidz Ink I

First Day

“Our favorite memory of Kabria would have to be her first day at Kidz, Ink. Everyone welcomed her, and she had the biggest smile on her face.”

-Horsey family, Kidz Ink V

As we all know, the first day can be tough for any child, especially an infant who has really only bonded with mom or dad. At Kidz Ink we pride ourselves in our warm and welcoming environment to help children feel comfortable at our center and create a “home away from home” atmosphere!

Pre-K Graduation

“Our favorite memory of Emmanuel (EJ) would have to be his Pre-K graduation. It was a chance to really see how much the teachers and staff truly care about the children.”

-Horsey Family, Kidz Ink V

At ever center at the end of the school year we celebrate the accomplishments of our Pre-K students with a graduation ceremony. The ceremony includes caps and gowns, a diploma, a special presentation from the class(es), and a slide show!


Wonderful and Special Moments

“Our boys, Kieran and Finnegan, have had so many wonderful and special moments at Kidz Ink. They’ve made friends, had a rich, academic, and engaging early childhood education, and they are always excited to show off what they have learned.

From the infant room to the preschool room, our boys have been loved, cared for, and always encouraged to express themselves. We are so happy to have found Kidz Ink!”


-Flaherty Family, Kidz Ink III




“Kellen has had a great transition (from the one year old room) to the 2 year old classroom. He loves to learn, play with his friends, and play in the ballroom at the end of the day!”


-Hall Family, Kidz, Ink III

Nurturing Environment

“Each and every day is a positive experience and we are so thankful Hadley can be part of such a nurturing environment.

Every teacher and staff person goes above and beyond for the students and families.

When Hadley started she was struggling to walk and after four days in attendance she was walking.

We thank everyone for the job they do! We love Ms. Jenna, Ms. Diana, and Ms. Valentine!’


-Campbell family – Kidz, Ink III