Grown as individuals

“Our children have learned and grown so much as individuals. They have made positive friends and have been taught by amazing teachers. Their experience at Kidz Ink (III) has definately prepared them for a bright future and for that we will forever be grateful. Thank you Kidz Ink for all your hard work and dedication. You are appreciated.”


-Lagares family, Kidz Ink III

Genuine, Caring, and Positive Teachers

“During our short tenure with Kidz Ink, we have truly enjoyed the genuine, caring, and positive teachers. Connor gets excited to “go to school” and see Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Destiny. We have both been fortunate to attend the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations. Which were both fun to attend as our 1sts and receive our cute gifts. Connor, mommy, and daddy look forward to move fun experiences, cool crafts, and awesome pictures as we continue our journey.”


-Sinclair family, Kidz Ink III

Positive Staff

“We have had positive experiences with interacting and conferencing with Leraya’s teachers. All of the staff is helpful.”


-Cruiser Family, Kidz Ink V

Food Allergies

“We’ve had many positive experiences at Kidz Ink (4), but I love that the staff is very supportive with food allergies. The directors, teachers, and cok have been cooperative, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure Anderson doesn’t consume anything he shouldn’t.”


-Perkins Family, Kidz Ink 4