Wonderful and Special Moments

“Our boys, Kieran and Finnegan, have had so many wonderful and special moments at Kidz Ink. They’ve made friends, had a rich, academic, and engaging early childhood education, and they are always excited to show off what they have learned.

From the infant room to the preschool room, our boys have been loved, cared for, and always encouraged to express themselves. We are so happy to have found Kidz Ink!”


-Flaherty Family, Kidz Ink III




“Kellen has had a great transition (from the one year old room) to the 2 year old classroom. He loves to learn, play with his friends, and play in the ballroom at the end of the day!”


-Hall Family, Kidz, Ink III

Nurturing Environment

“Each and every day is a positive experience and we are so thankful Hadley can be part of such a nurturing environment.

Every teacher and staff person goes above and beyond for the students and families.

When Hadley started she was struggling to walk and after four days in attendance she was walking.

We thank everyone for the job they do! We love Ms. Jenna, Ms. Diana, and Ms. Valentine!’


-Campbell family – Kidz, Ink III

Peace of mind, PRICELESS

“Lillian typically gets so excited when she sees me walking in to pick her up after a long day. She smiles so big and shakes with excitement. One day, when I walked in she was playing with Ms. Shamikia. Lillian only glanced at me, then went right back to being happy and excited with her teacher. This made me realize she is happy when mommy is not there and she is well taken care of. You cannot put a dollar value on the peace of mind this provides. Ms. Destiny, Ms. Stephanie, and MS. Shamikia provide great care to Lillian, they always help with Lillian’s bags when we pick her up and drop her off, and they really make being away form her easier.”


-Hurley Family, Kidz, Ink III