Life in Pre-K

“Sample of Delaney’s writing Homework”

“Delaney has been with Kidz Ink III in Dover since June 2016, and as parents, we’re continually impressed as she develops into a well-rounded, Kindergarten-ready student. Delaney has learned so much, including the following:

  • Reciting Spanish numbers up to 20 and Spanish colors
  • Counting to 150
  • Reading sight words
  • Performing simple addition and subtraction
  • Using a proper pencil grip
  • Writing her full name using uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately
  • Writing sight words
  • Tying her own shoes
  • Identifying the date and year
  • Knowing the days of the week, months, and seasons
  • Understanding concepts of print (front cover, back cover, spine, table of contents)
  • Being able to recall story plots in correct sequence

We also had only just started teaching her how to tie her shoes when she came home one day beaming with pride; she had learned how to tie her shoes at school! Now she often offers to help her friends tie their shoes as well.

As an editor, I (Becky) was particularly proud and quite frankly surprised when Delaney came home able to identify the parts of a printed book.

We can tell that being with such caring and considerate teachers has helped her social skills too. She’s very empathetic to her friends’ feelings. She’s surprisingly a stickler for classroom rules and will try to take on the role of the teacher with her friends. She proclaims proudly that she wants to be a mommy and a teacher someday, and I know that is in part due to Kidz Ink’s remarkable staff.”

Many thanks,

Tom and Becky Clayton -Kidz Ink Dover