Why Choose Kidz, Ink?

As you enter Kidz, Ink's lobby you will find a spacious and inviting gathering place where check-in and check-out occurs. The beautifully painted murals will delight and please even our youngest visitor. A secure electronic entrance prevents unauthorized access into the classroom areas. The Center Director's office, is adjacent to the lobby, and is always open to parents with questions or comments.

What Makes us the Best

Each Center has a staff of Directors, Assistant Directors, Teachers, Assistant Teachers and Cooks. We have developed meticulous operational manuals with in-depth information to ensure each center runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Centers are geared for the working Professional Parents, as we are open from 6:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., provide nutritious meals and transportation to local Elementary School in our 15 passengers vans. Each State-of-the-art Center is designed with Security Cameras, monitors, Electronic Card Entry and a childcare management system that tells us when a child enters and exits our building.

Our curriculum was created by Early Education Specialists, national experts and prepares children for success in Elementary School and beyond.

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