Kidz, Ink 3

645 West North Street
Dover, DE 19904
p: 302.730.4730

Our center is conveniently located near downtown Dover at 645 W. North St. Our center opens at 6:00 a.m. and closes at 6:30 p.m. We can be reached via phone: (302) 730-4730 or email: We are not a franchised child care center, so we are able to be more flexible and to form the necessary relationship with parents, which only benefits your child. Additionally, we provide electronic entry and cameras in each classroom to maintain high safety standards. When you choose Kidz, Ink., you are choosing a learning environment that will provide the safest and highest quality of care, rated at 5 Stars through the Delaware Stars Program.

We serve nutritional breakfast, lunch, and snack daily, have two outdoor playgrounds, an indoor play area, and a stroller for infants to be able to go outside. This helps us focus on the health benefits every child needs to grow. Our teachers are certified in the state of Delaware and focus on the educational needs of their class through the creative curriculum, core knowledge curriculum, child assessments and observations. Most classrooms have 2 teachers to help lower the child to teacher ratio and gain more one on one interactions. We also have a technology room equipped with 10 computers. Ages three and up visit the technology room once a week to get acquainted with computers and how they work by playing fun interactive games or even simply using Word documents. We have both full-time and part-time care as well as before and after care for South Dover Elementary, East Dover Elementary, Campus Community Charter School, and Academy of Dover.

Here at Kidz, Ink we take pride in what we do!


Kidz Ink - Academy of Early Academics




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