Little Bodies Need to Move! Even When You’re Stuck Inside

Little Bodies Need to Move! Even When You’re Stuck Inside

Being stuck inside more during the cold winter … really this whole pandemic … you might be seeing more unpleasant behaviors from your little one.  Little bodies need to move.  It’s more than just a need to release all of that energy (which is a huge factor on its own), but their gross motor development is blossoming and needing to shine.  They also have a need for gross motor sensory input during this stage.  In other words, their bodies are telling them “go, go, go!!” and if they don’t have those needs met, you are more likely to see less than optimal behaviors more frequently.

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Fine Motor Activities to Keep Them Busy

Fine Motor Activities to Keep Them Busy

Fine Motor Activities to Keep Them Busy

You are a busy parent with a never-ending to-do list.  You need to make dinner, respond to emails, the list goes on – but your little one is full of energy and into everything. You just need a little bit of time where they are safely entertained so you can complete those tasks, but you don’t always want screens to be the answer.  Sound familiar?

Here is a list of ideas for easy activities that will suit a range of ages, and keep them busy.  Bonus – they all support fine motor development, too!

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Kindergarten Ready

While attending my son’s first kindergarten conference the first thing his teachers asked was where did he go to preschool and who was his teachers. I told them Kidz Ink Songsmith and his teachers were Ms. Debbie and Ms. Ashley. His kindergarten teachers said they need more teachers like he had because he came to kindergarten prepared and ready! Thank you Ms. Debbie and Ms. Ashley for being great teachers who are determined to do all that you can to prepare each child for their next chapter in kindergarten. With the help of you ladies my son was able to ease right into kindergarten. Thanks for all you do!

Flecha Family-Kidz Ink I

Positive Staff

“We have had positive experiences with interacting and conferencing with Leraya’s teachers. All of the staff is helpful.”


-Cruiser Family, Kidz Ink V

Parents are Welcome!

“We love that Kidz Ink has events that parents are welcomed to attend.

Our girls enjoy making the tasty treat of the week.

The teachers make learning fun and our girls are always learning something new.”

-anonymous family, Kidz Ink I

At Kidz, Ink we host many opportunities for parents and families to get involved. From Holiday parties to Pre-K graduations, from Family Night to randomly stopping in, we always encourage our families and parents to be involved in any way possible!

New and Loved

From a 9-year-old’s mom:


“Our experience at Kidz Ink II has been wonderful the past 4 months!  We are new to the center and appreciate the loving care and attention each staff member provides every day. We feel welcomed and enjoy being a part of the Kidz Ink II family!”


–Brittany Lane, Kidz, Ink II