Kidz, Ink Up-Coming Events

  • Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (ages 3-5)
    • K1 October 7/8 9:45am tours both days(Milburn Orchard)
    • K2 October 16/18 9:45am tours both days (Milburn Orchard) 
    • K3 October11/2 10:30am tours both days( Fifer Orchard)
    • K4 October 9/10 11:30am tours both days  (Milburn Orchard)
    • K5 October 3/4 10:30 am (Fifer Orchard)
  • Celebrate Infection Prevention Week Oct. 14th-18th
  • Claire's Gourmet Delivered Oct. 24th 
  • Faebook Live Drawing for Claire's Mega Prize Thursday October 31st
  • Fall Harvest Festival
    • Bear Sites -Saturday October 19th at Lums Pond 
    • Southern Sites- Saturday October 26th at Dover site 
Pre-K May Fine Art
Kidz Ink IV

Ms. Tomikka is our early pre-kindergarten teacher. She has worked at Kidz Ink IV for 3 years. Working with children is truly her passion. She loves to make both parents and children feel comfortable. Ms. Tomikka also volunteers to help out at the center wherever there is a need. She is a great team player and a true asset to Kidz Ink

Kidz Ink III
    The Summer Camp classroom at Kidz Ink III  is full of fun and learning! K3 classroom spotlight goes to Ms Daranea and Ms Deja’s room. It’s colorful, fun, inviting and full of diverse learning opportunities.
Kidz Hands On
The preschool class at Kidz Ink I used pretzels, chocolate chips, banana chips, goldfish, and sprinkles to make a very mixed up snack! They put the food in plastic cups and used spoons to scoop out each snack and poured it on plates. Then they mixed it all up and enjoyed a very mixed up snack while they read The Mixed Up Chameleon!
Celebrating the October  birthdays throughout Kidz Ink!
Staff Birthdays

 Ms. Trina 10/27 Ms.
Veronica 10/31,
Mr. Glenn 10/1
Jacqueline Kennedy 10/30
 Ms. Shannon
Ms. Tameka Johnson
Kidz Ink I-                   
Rhyan B. 10/12,
Griffin B. 10/28,
Brazeil C. 10/17
Taylor F. 10/9,
Tatum F. 10/11,
Jeremiah H. 10/17,
Cathrine K. 10/24,
Abigail M. 10/27,
Jameer M. 10/23,
Autumn Q. 10/3,
Erin T. 10/2,
Meckenizie W. 10/5,
Ameenah W. 10/30
 Kidz Ink II-              
Richard A. 10/23
Olivia C. 10/25
Kalie E. 10/24
Liam F. 10/17
Finley F. 10/31
Samyrah J. 10/25
Aveya J. 10/19
Cacey L. 10/29
Sara M. 10/29
Gabriel R. 10/25
Cambria W. 10/23
Giselle W. 10/8 

 Kidz Ink III-
Lauren Beachy – 10/25/15
David Canfield – 10/2/2014
Finnegan Flaherty- 10/ 6/2015
Tahir Hudson- White- 10/16/15
Makayla Joseph- 10/8/14
Savannah Schultz- 10/ 29/14
Kidz Ink IV-                    
Austin A. 10/30
Corey C. 10/20
Brielle C. 10/17
Erin M. 10/13
Mayci M. 10/3
Nathan N. 10/10
Nysheem O. 10/23
Lisah P. 10/24
Sariah R. 10/25
Kayleigh S. 10/11
Amari W. 10/17

Kidz Ink V-
  Kabria R.
Emmanuel R.
Anthony T.
Duratimi A.
Kaiden L.
Ava A.
Michaela A.
Kidz Ink I-  Ms. Sega 10/16/17 2 years
Kidz Ink II- Ms. Marva 12 years, Ms. Tona 1 year, Ms. Erica 3 years!
Kidz Ink III-  
Kidz Ink IV-
Kidz Ink V-  Ms. Loraine 1 Year 10/8  Ms. Destiny Walters 1 Year 10/15
Ezeogu family- Kidz Ink IFavorite vacation spot is Georgia
Favorite food is seafood
Favorite thing to do as a family is to visit grandparents in New Jersey 
Favorite movie is Ferdinand
Malia 3yrs, Danielle 11, Imani 11
Hancock Family- Kidz Ink II
Favorite vacation Delaware Beaches
Favorite food/restaurant- WAWA is a Staple!
Favorite thing to do as a family- Visiting Family down sate and going to the park.
Favorite game/movie- We love watching Paw Patrol and playing outside in the baby pool.
Children- Jonathan Hancock- Age 1
Pulido Family- Kidz Ink III
    The Jackson Family
Where does your family like to vacation? The Beach
What is your family favorite food or restaurant? Spaghetti
What is your favorite thing to do as a family ? Go swimming at the YMCA
What is your family’s favorite movie, games,etc.? Movie : Lion King; Games: Charades for kids
Please list your child or children’s names and ages: Eric-3, Anthony- 7, Roxanne- 9
Johnson Family- Kidz Ink IV

Where does your family like to vacation? In PA at family's house What is your family's favorite food or restaurant? Pizza and Popcorn What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Have dance parties What is your family's favorite movie, game, etc.? favorite movies are Sing and Moana/ favorite games to play are baseball and legos Children: Aaliyanh 2 1/2 Jada 20 months 

Golda/Reyes Family- Kidz Ink V
Where is your family favorite place to Vacation? Ocean City Maryland
What your family favorite restaurant? Outback Steak house
What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Tske care of our garden
What is your family favorite movie, game,etc? Toy story 2
Childrens names and ages are? Jayden R. 2 years old
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